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Doggy Daycare

Daycare for dogs? That’s right, just like daycare for children, dogs come to us for the day to socialise with other dogs and humans, while you are busy at work (or play)! Dogs are social animals and thrive on stimulation from other dogs and humans. Socialisation produces happy, healthy dogs! Dog daycare helps to eliminate boredom. It can also be a positive solution for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. Instead of leaving your dog at home alone, they can enjoy a day of fun with activities specifically designed for enrichment and stimulation.

Regular attendance establishes a routine for your dog and helps them stay in shape. All our handlers have extensive knowledge and experience in dog behaviour. We take pride in our commitment to care and guarantee your dog will have a great day playing and socialising.

All new dogs shall be evaluated for suitability to the daycare environment. We schedule this session once the enrollment form has been completed.

Donquest has a fully equipped doggy daycare, kennels and cattery just 15 minutes from the heart of Christchurch. Our country retreat offers a great place to bring your cats or dogs when life gets in the way.

We look at this more as day play.
After researching daycare operations around the world, we found a massive missing ingredient. Space to get to top speed and run like the wind. Most other daycare operations are in warehouse type buildings with no grass and very limited space per dog to stretch out and even have some alone time if they want to get away from the crowds. We have the space, and we limit the number of dogs we take to allow free running and play (while under supervision)



A Typical Dog’s Day

7:30 – 11 amDrop off time and morning activities
11 – 1 pm

Social playtime

1 – 2 pmNaptime
2  – 4pmSocial playtime
4  – 6 pmWind down and Pick up time


Daycare 20 (20 days)— $600.00 ($30 per day, valid for 12 weeks)

Daycare Casual— $32 per day
Daycare 10 (10 days)— $310.00 ($31 per day, valid for 12 weeks)
Out of hours— $20 by prior request

Dear Dog Owner,

Thank you for your interest in Doggy Daycare at Donquest! We are very excited about meeting you and providing your dog with a safe, fun and stimulating environment.

Please take some time to read and fill out this form. You are welcome to print and bring this with you on your first day or email it to us ahead of time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call +64 3 359 6888, email at, or visit us any day within our opening hours

We’re open 7:30-11 am and 4-6 pm on Weekdays.

Weekends 8-11am & 4-6pm


    How would you describe your dog’s temperament? Tick any/ all that apply:

    How would you describe your dog’s social skills with other dogs? Tick any/all that apply:

    How would you describe your dog’s playstyle with other dogs? Tick any/all that apply:

    Does your dog show aversion to any of the following- tick any/all that apply:

    Does your dog show any of the following behaviours currently?

    Please tick any/all of the following health issues that may apply;

    For any further advice in any area of Petcare
    please don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff for a chat.