Donquest Cats & Dogs


At Donquest, we take pride in our commitment to the care of your pet. Matt, who heads Donquest, took over from his parents in 1997, Yo came on board 2001 after managing medical clinics. We have been providing luxury pet boarding and daycare services ever since. 

Our team has expanded over the years which has enabled us to expand our capabilities, and ongoing training and improvements means we can offer the best care available to our furry friends. All of our crew love animals, and we enjoy working with a wide range of pets and giving them the life and care they deserve. We know that leaving your dog at home alone all day can run the risk of them being bored or developing separation anxiety, which is why we’re passionate about providing a social and enriching alternative with our luxury daycare services. We also know that leaving your cat at home for extended periods of time can be nerve wracking and stress you out while you’re away. Our cattery services help you rest easy knowing your pet is safe in good hands.

Donquest understands that no two pets’ needs are the same. That is why our services are specially tailored to suit your pet. Some pets love being active and need lots of exercise and play, while others prefer cuddles and require brushing to help keep them clean. Sharing all the important information about your pet when you enrol them ensures we can mimic the care given at home.

We have daily routines which are stimulating and enriching for your pet, keeping them happy and healthy. Dogs playing together is often what many dogs thrive on. Our trained staff make it a priority to find fun playmates for those who need some buddies! Our playgroup sizes range from 2 to 6 dogs together. Cats are not so social. So we have an individual policy for our cattery. We replace this with lots of cuddles (and sometimes staff like to sing to them).

With our facilities only 15 minutes from the heart of Christchurch, and conveniently right next to the airport, your pets can enjoy a country retreat for a price that won’t break the bank. To talk to one of our team and start the enrolment process, give us a call today on 03 359 6888 or head over to our Contact page!

We’re open 7:30-11am & 4-6pm Weekdays.

Weekends 8-11am & 4-6pm.