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Summer Tips

Don't leave pets in parked cars for any period of time. Every summer, animals left in parked cars suffer and die from heatstroke. On a warm day, even with the windows left a little open, the temperature in a car can reach 45 in a matter of minutes. Dogs and cats can't perspire and can only dispel heat by panting and through the pads of their feet. If you see an animal in a parked car during the summer, alert the management of the shopping mall or grocery store. If the owner does not return promptly, call local animal control or the police.

Pets and pools can equal disaster. Prevent free access to pools.

Provide plenty of water and shade for your pets while they're enjoying the great outdoors so they can stay cool.

Pets can get sunburned too, and your pet may require sunscreen on his or her nose and ear tips. Pets with light-colored noses or light-colored fur on their ears are particularly vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancer.