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Daycare for dogs? That's right, just like daycare for children, dogs come to us for the day to socialise with other dogs and humans, while you are busy at work (or play)!

Dogs are social animals and thrive on stimulation from other dogs and humans. Social dogs produce happy, healthy dogs!

Dog daycare helps to eliminate boredom. It can also be a positive solution for those dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. Instead of leaving your dog at home alone, bring them to us for a DAY OF FUN!

Regular attendance establishes a routine for your dog and helps them stay in shape.
Doggy Daycare @ Donquest provides a safe, hygienic and stimulating environment for your furry friend. All handlers have extensive knowledge and experience in dog behaviour.

Now, city dogs can enjoy a country retreat, just 15 minutes away. Drop-off and pick-up during our daycare hours Monday to Friday, 7.30am-11am, 4pm-6pm.

A Typical Dog's Day
7.30am—9am Arrivals
9am—12 noon
Morning Activities
a variety of toys and games e.g. gym, rope tug, pool play.
12 noon—2pm Naptime
2pm—4pm Afternoon Free Play
4pm—6pm Wind Down and Pick-up

All new dogs shall be evaluated for suitability to the daycare environment. We shall schedule this once the enrollment form has been completed.

Click here to complete your enrollment form.

Daycare Casual— $27 per day
Daycare 10 (10 days)— $260.00 ($26 per day, valid for 12 weeks)
Daycare 20 (20 days)— $500.00 ($25 per day, valid for 12 weeks)

Coming Soon: Dog Grooming!

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