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About Donquest

At Donquest, we take pride in our commitment to the care of your pet.

Our building design, yards layout, staff training and ongoing improvements in all areas to ensure safe, healthy, comfortable and fun experiences for all our boarding pets is our focus.

For your convenience, we are located just beside the Christchurch Airport runway.

No two pets needs are the same. That is why we have a tailor-made service to suit your pet. Some pets need lots of exercise and play, others cuddles and brushing. Sharing all important information about your pet ensures we can mimic the care given at home. All pet spaces have underfloor heating.

Dogs playing together is often what many dogs thrive on. Our trained staff make it a priority to find fun playmates for those who need some buddies! Our playgroup sizes are generally from 2 to 6 dogs together.

Cats are not so social. So we have an individual policy for our cattery. We replace this with lots of cuddles (and sometimes staff like to sing to them).

In recent times, we have added a daycare service. Take advantage of our FREE (first day) trial for daycare, and discover the fun world of doggie daycare!

Our office hours are:
8am-11am, 4pm-6pm